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Maximum Sale / Max Profit Real Estate is redefining the way real estate is sold!


We have merged the knowledge base of economics, market tracking, construction, remodeling, appraisals and real estate sales into an all encompassing company that provides the information and strategies to help property owners sell for higher prices, net more and be safer by avoiding potential litigation than any other real estate company out there.


Our experienced staff and proven track record speak for themselves so contact us today for your free initial evaluation and let us show you how to Max Sell your property.


Max Sale = Maximum Sale Price by planning schedule of sale, preparation of property, proper exposure, access and price negotiation.


Max Profit = Includes Profit Protection, Tax Minimization and Next Opportunity. Concurrently, while planning Max Sale Price do the following: Assure enough disclosure paperwork is completed correctly to minimize any future liability. Tax planning before sale to determine best strategy to keep the most of what you earned. Implement plan to put profits to work.  


Look through our site, see who we are, see what we do and check our proven track record to affirm your decision on what is best for you and your circumstances. 


Contact us with any other questions or get a Free Max Sale Evaluation today.


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We do not publish our email address or phone numbers anymore as web spiders crawl websites and then we receive annoying robo calls and email spam on any contact information we publish here.


Our California broker information and license number is:


The Local Realty Inc.

Real Estate Broker # 01896291

PO BOX 601941


So send us your information, let us know how we can help or what we can answer for your and we’ll answer right back.




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