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Here is a summary of current market conditions for San Diego County

As of:









Historical Perspective



Year Median Price Affordability
1995 - Low $172,670 38%
2005 - High $604,250 10%
2011 - Low $370,300 42%
2017 - Current $559,950 26%





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If you own real estate in California you are at the right place to Maximize your ownership, stewardship and profit from your home or investment property.



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Services We Offer



1. Provide you with important Market Information


2. Provide you Strategies, Area Analysis (RPM – Real Price Meter, etc.) and Property Analysis (RPM – Real Price Meter)


3. Help you Purchase or Sell Your Real Estate or Investment Properties for Maximum Profit


4. Private Consultations and Large Portfolio Analysis


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1997 "Low" ----> The 2006 "High" ----> 3 2012 "Low"
Current "High" ----> What's Next???









We operate and Succeed in ALL Markets throughout California by using our 5 Step “Max Profit” Method:





Our Research:


No Other Real Estate Company Has Our Max RPM tachometer!

Check out the Max RPM (Real Price Meter) for areas through California.

* See details on RPM layout below.







* Details About Max RPM – Maximum Real Price Meter


Current Price = Current Median Single Family Home Price from C.A.R.

Historic High / Low = Historic Single Family Home Prices from C.A.R.

Affordability = Traditional Affordability Index from C.A.R.




Seller Net Sheet



Prepared for:

Property Address:

Telephone #:

The following data is for estimation purposes only and the accuracy of the figures is not guaranteed.
The actual costs with respect to each transaction will vary depending on the circumstances.

Seller's Net Sheet--Data Input

Today's Date

Estimated Close of Escrow

DAYS to Close of Escrow-Loan 1

DAYS to Close of Escrow-Loan 2

Sales Price

Present 1st Mtg Balance

Present 2nd Mtg Balance

Annual Interest Rate 1st Mtg

Annual Interest Rate 2nd Mtg

Prepayment Penalty 1st Mtg

Prepayment Penalty 2nd Mtg

Pro Rated Interest Days / Fee

Pro Rated Interest Days

Selling Broker's Fee (%)

Listing Broker's Fee (%)

Estimated Annual Property Taxes

From tax records

Present 1st Mtg Balance

Tax Proration

(a positive number means seller owes taxes)

Interest Due on 1st Mtg

Pre-Payment Penalty 1st Mtg

Discount on Loan (Paid to Seller)

Present 2nd Mtg Balance

Discount Points (Paid by Seller)

Interest Due on 2nd Mtg

Land Lease Monthly Payment

Pre-Payment Penalty 2nd Mtg

Land Lease Transfer Fee

Listing Broker Fee

Selling Broker Fee

Sub Total

Other Costs

Transaction Coordinator Fee

Appraiser Fee

Filing Fees

Courier/Express Mail

Refundable Misc. Pad

Special Assessments

Home Owner's Transfer Fee

Escrow Fee

Special Tax District (Mello Roos)

Termite Inspection

Termite Corrective Work

Other Bonds, Liens, Assessments, etc.

Title Policy (ALTA)

Title Policy (Large Subdivision)

Flood Certificate

Final Inspection

Seller Paid Buyer Costs

Lender Requirements


HOA Transfer Fee

Reconveyance Fee

HOA Dues

Sub Escrow Fee

Recording Fee

Proc/Loan Tie In Fee

Demand Fee

Document Processing Fee

Photo Inspection Fee

Warehouse / Underwriting Fee

Tax Service Fee

Home Warranty

Mandatory Disclosure Report

Miscellaneous Costs:






Sub Total

Estimated Close of Escrow:

Sales Price:

Est. Seller Costs:

Estimated Net Proceeds:

The actual costs with respect to each transaction will vary depending on the circumstances of sale.
The costs listed above may or may not apply and a $0.00 estimate does not imply exclusion.
This estimate does not include possible corrective repair work costs.
All repair costs, if any, will be negotiated between buyer and seller.




Your Future


“FUTURE VALUE” and “Sell vs Hold”

Planning Estimators


“FUTURE VALUE” Loss Estimator: California

For Your Home & Investment Property(ies)

2016 to 2021 California Forecast Decline of - 44.8%

Your Home(s)

* Example 

Your Home

Investment #1

Investment # 2

2016 Home Value $





% Decline Estimate

- 44.79% 

- 44.79% 

- 44.79% 

- 44.79% 

Loss In Value $

- $209,765




Future "Low" Value
(2021 Est)

= $282,602




Loss Per Year










** Loss In Value $





*** Accumulated Loss

$209,765 à









Notes: 1. Do Your Own Research, these are examples extrapolated from previous market cycle behavior, market trends and forecasts. 2016 Home Value $ = Example of median price at the time 'estimator' was created, may not be the market 'high price' so see market forecast and 'timing' tab on website for timing and strategy tips. * Example - California Median Price Q1-2016 = $468,330, 2016 to 2021 estimated market decline of – 44.79%, % Decline Estimate based on May 2007 = $594,530 to February 2012 $268,810 = 325,720 = 54.79% so adjusted down 10% (for large swing county variations) to 44.79%. “Future Low Value” (2021 Estimate) = 468,330 - $209,765 (468,330 x .4479) = $ 258,565. Loss In Value $ = $209,765 so loss per year (/ 5 years) = - $41,953 per year. Future Low Value 2021 estimate based on decline starting in 2016 and declining for 5 years. ** Loss In Value $= Loss per property if forced to sell by unplanned circumstance at 'bottom of market'. *** Accumulated Loss = Total the Loss In Value $ declines for all properties.




“Sell vs Hold” Analysis: California

California Median Price Home vs “Your Property”

High vs Low Price Sale and Gross Profit / ROI Estimator

Example: 371% Profit vs a – 19% Loss

Your Decision

* Example


** Example


Sell Your


Hold Your


2016 Home Value $





Future "Low" Value (2021 Est)





*** Purchase Price

- $268,810

- $268,810




** Loss In Value $

 = 199,520

= -10,245 



*** Accumulated Loss

/ 53,762

/ 53,762



 ***** ROI

(Return or <-Loss> On Investment)

 = 371%

= - 19% 



 Net Result

Big Win 

Big Loss 








Notes: 1. Do Your Own Research, these are examples extrapolated from previous market cycle behavior, market trends and forecasts. 2016 Home Value $ = Example of median price at the time 'estimator' was created, may not be the market 'high price' so see market forecast and 'timing' tab on website for timing and strategy tips. * Example Sell = Sell at today's value close to top of the market. ** Example Hold = Do not sell and forced to sell by unforeseen circumstance at 'bottom of market'. “Future Low Value” (2021 Value Estimate) = 468,330 - $209,765 (468,330 x .4479) = $ 258,565. Future Low Value (2021 estimate) is based on decline starting in 2016 and declining for 5 years *** Sample purchase at 'bottom of market' in February 2012 for $268,810 median price **** Gross Profit = 2016 “High” Price or “Future Value” minus the 2012 PP of $268,810. ***** Gross Profit ROI assumes a 20% down payment on $268,810 pp = 53,762 so Sell Example = 199,520/53,762 = 371% GAIN and Hold Example = -10,245/53,762 = - 19.1 % LOSS. . Net Profit ROI would change (and loss would be greater) when down payment, holding costs, costs of sale, etc are factored in.





You can see from these Important Examples that buying at the top of a market or selling at the bottom of a market is a VERY COSTLY mistake.






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Market Stats Box

Market Stats: California

A = 29%

I = 3.7

M = 33

 A = Current Affordability 

 I = Months of Inventory 

 M = Market Time to Sell



Do You Need to Sell Now?




MUCH of this Home Page is focused on the MOST IMPORTANT step of Maximizing Profit which is timing your sale correctly so property owners that have decided to sell now because they feel the time is now or circumstances that compel them to sell now please proceed to the Max Profit 5 Step Process (1.GetFacts, 2.GetValue, 3.PrepareIt, 4.SellIt, 5.Profit) tabs.


BUT FIRST... BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER... start your FREE MaxProfit EVALUATION NOW so it can be completed while you review the INFORMATION and RESOURCES at this website plus information you request sent by email. 


NEXT... PLEASE, before you continue... do you know of someone who really NEEDS TO AVOID LOSSES (fixed income seniors, those nearing retirement, limited earners, etc)?  If so... please call them, forward them a link to Max Profit Website or complete the REFERRAL FORM and we’ll send them this important information (and if they are ‘old school’ with no email or internet access we will mail them information) AND follow up with them if you request us to. Thank You.






3 Important Real Estate Market Trend Facts


1. California Real Estate Prices Have MUCH LARGER swings than the rest of the U.S.A.



CA vs USA Median Price Charts







3. These PRICE SWINGS do have historically demonstrated predictive leading indicators.


  • Affordability
  • Inventory
  • Market Time


  • Foreclosure Starts
  • New Construction
  • USA vs CA Price
  • Interest Rates


  • Median Income
  • Household Net Worth
  • Stock and Bond Markets


  • Population Trends
    • State to State Movement
    • Birth over Deaths
    • Immigration


We Do Not Heavily Weigh:  Rents vs Values, Consumer Confidence, others.


Home Values: 1997 to 2007

$167,000 to $594,000

Up + $427,000


Home Values: 2007 to 2012

$594,000 to $268,000

Down - $ 326,000





Who is doing your Strategic Planning?





Our Strategy is not as funny as Wile E. Coyote plan but is MORE Simple, Effective and Correct!



Max Profit Strategic Planning Basics:


Max Profit has determined the best way to Maximize Profit of the Market Swings...


We track the Market Conditions with Custom “In-House” Methods



Custom Info Tables

Visual Aid Graphs

Market Tachometers


Compare the Current Market with Historic Trends



Then Create a Custom Action Plan For You To Implement



Strategic Planning Example: 


Whether you are just starting out your real estate adventure or are a seasoned real estate investor understanding this information can Save or Cost you MILLIONS of dollars over your lifetime.  A twenty five year old that purchased their first home in 1980 for $ 100,000 then selling at the top and purchasing again at the bottom of the market so by 2015 they would realize over $1.1M in tax free appreciation and savings. 


THE MATH: 1980-1989 is up 201k-100k = 101k, 1989-1997 is down 201k-167k = 34k, 1997-2007 is up 594k-167k = 427k, 2007-2012 is down 594k-268k = 326k and 2012-2015 is up 489k-268k= 221k which accounts for combined appreciation and savings of $ 1,109,000.00


The $1.109M is not adjusted for inflation, home improvement, interest income or gain on the funds during ‘non-owner’ times, getting a ‘bottom feeding discount’ on buys, etc. so actual $ be higher that the estimated $1.1M. In this scenario it would be necessary to rent a primary residence during the ‘down swings’ but even if a couple had to rent for ½ of the time (17.5 years or 210 months) at $ 2,000 per month average which would be around $420,000 but that would still net over $ 680,000.  And more than likely an individual or couple could have used the funds saved to purchase additional properties during the 35 years and their net worth through simple real estate ownership would be well above $ 1,000,000.


The Reality Is... 99% of Home Owners AND

95% of Investors “Didn’t See It Coming”.


From 2006 through today many homeowners in CA have lost their home to foreclosure and many of those were investors.  Except for a relatively small number home owners and investors with strategic plans to avoid market loses MOST home owners and small and LARGE investors (bond funds, mortgage backed securities, etc.) lost a combined trillions of dollars. 


You now have the basic information and resources to avoid that happening to you and your loved ones.


There will be many losers again in the next market cycle... DECIDE to be a WINNER instead! 


The One Minute is about up...  




1.  Market Conditions ARE Changing


Do Your Research

See historical examples of how those changes have affected homeowners and investors

Monitor the CORRECT predictive indicators

If you agree Market Decline is coming... how will it affect you?


2. Take Action


Determine Your #’s for your property (ies).

Follow Us on Social Media for updates, market alerts and updated housing numbers to compare to your neighborhood. 

Make a Plan

Act on that Plan


3. Who should you tell about this?

Your CPA and Financial Advisor to get them ‘on board’ with planning.

Business partners to plan for decrease or increase in business.

Set Up Mastermind Group to create opportunities of the coming changes.



Give Extra Thought and Special Attention to those nearing retirement or now retired.

Help shepherd and protect those unaware of the coming changes. Seniors, retired, nearing retirement, fixed income, etc. 







So... The FIRST THING IS… Why Does Real Estate Matter?


Real Estate Affects ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE because of it’s long reach into many industries like construction, maintenance, sales, financing and the momentum of those affect the costs of materials, labor, money / lending, etc.  And when the market is going up... unemployment is down, tax revenues (city, state and federal) are up, consumption is up and newly created equity in property is used to start new businesses by pulling equity directly from property or by investments in bonds or the stock market with the additional disposable income present. 


In a declining market... the opposite is true and since California has greater ‘market swings’ than most other states when the market goes down here it goes down even more as a percentage of total price.  Savvy investors know this and take full benefit from the highs and lows of California Real Estate.



“Successful Real Estate Ownership, where equity is intact or extracted prior to market loss, is a leading indicator for Quality of Life, Financial Security and Happiness in Retirement.”

Source: Retirement Survey, July 2015


REAL ESTATE MATTERS because most do not consider their home a source of Family Net Worth or financial security until they are nearing retirement or have a ‘life event’ where they need the equity in the property (both circumstances do not usually lend well to be able to qualify to easily refinance the house) so are forced to ‘fire sell’ in a ‘financially distressed’ sale or pull the needed equity out through sub-prime high cost loan programs or reverse mortgages both which have inherent drawbacks.



AND... whether you work with a different company or The Experts at Max Profit be sure to Maximize your profits by taking advantage of ALL the TAX ADVANTAGES like the ALL IMPORTANT “2 Year, $250/500k” exemption that you can repeat every two years! (see description below and details in “Profit” tab) 


Where else can you legally earn over 500,000 tax free every two years? 



The Two Year $ 250/500k Tax Exclusion


To qualify for the $250,000 / $500,000 (individual / married) home sale exclusion, you must own and occupy the home as your principal residence for at least two years before you sell it. The qualifying property may be a house, apartment, condominium, stock-cooperative, or mobile home fixed to land.


You do not have to be living in the house at the time you sell it as your two years of ownership may occur anytime during the five years before the date of the sale.


If you meet all the requirements for the exclusion, you can take the $250,000 / $500,000 exclusion any number of times. But you may not use it more than once every two years.

Source: http://www.nolo.com/250500tax-exclusion.html




Is Max Profit right for you?

Do you want to sell your property for the maximum sale price?


Or are you upside down on your property but want to minimize losses and taxable debt forgivingness gain?


Do you want your home or investment property to sell for the maximum price possible?


Do you want to avoid circumstances that would require you to provide the buyer credits?


Do you want to net and keep the most money possible after the sale of your home?


Do you want to avoid being sued by the buyer, possibly years after you sell your home?


If the answer is YES… then get a Free Evaluation now! (click Here or at “Free Evaluation” Tab)


We Define Success!!!


We break down the process, create terms and define the meaning behind the actions required to make the most money possible in the sale of your property.  Below is an example of how Max Profit defines the terms and details the process so it is a simple, natural and intuitive path to your Max Profit.


Detailed Definitions:

Max Sale Price and Max Profit

Max Profit Condition and “As Is” Condition

“Prep Items”, “Prepare Costs” / “Prepare Time” and “Profit Penalty”


MaxSale Price = The estimated final sales price earned when property is in MaxSale Condition and adjusted for MaxProfit factors.


MaxProfit = Maximum Profit is usually associated with the highest sale price but there are other factors to consider.  Factors such as market trends, time on market, owner tax scenarios, seller financing and extreme property conditions. Rarely a property (residential home, vacant land or commercial building) will be in extreme condition with such disrepair or environmental issues that repairing the property or problem will be more costly than property is worth.  MaxProfit also presumes the owner or holding entity of property wants to Maximize Profit, is willing and capable of accomplishing the physical work required to property and the other paperwork and planning required (installment sale option, seller financing, tax strategy, etc.) to earn MaxProfit.


  1. A seller of an investment property may offer the buyer an installment sale with seller financing to distribute the taxable income over a period of years.
  2. A seller of vacant land may offer to subordinate their seller financing note and extend escrow so that developer has preparation time prior to close of escrow and is in stronger financial position to complete the project so seller’s carry back note can be paid off.
  3. 1031 Exchange, 55+ Tax Base Transfer, 2/5 year 250/500k tax exemption  


Max Profit Condition = The condition of the property that is most likely to acquire the maximum sale price and is at the top of its Max Profit Category. The results of this condition are multiple buyers would want to acquire property, there are no distractions from value (leaky roof, wet walls, missing required appliances, etc) and both buyers and appraisers feel property is at or near its highest and best use. Work required to earn this condition may include replacement of old appliances, painting, select new flooring, landscape work and mini staging of property.


Min Sale Condition = Only the minimum work completed, usually because seller does not have the time or resources to do more.


“As Is” Condition = Condition of property when seller is unable or unwilling to do work on property.  Little done, maybe trash picked up and lightly cleaned.


Prep Tasks = Work required to raise property to “Max Profit Value”. 


Prepare Costs = The cost to bring property to similar condition of properties that have sold for about what you want to sell property for and more importantly AVOID property being mis-categorized into a lower sale category (remodeled vs partial remodel, move in ready vs. run down, investor special vs. tear down, etc.). Any work required to assure property qualifies for government, traditional or any other types of financing will increase potential buyer pool and increase chances of multiple offers and price increases…


Profit Penalty = Example; if a rental property is missing a range oven in kitchen (because it was stolen or removed because broken) of this type of work is most government backed loans requires


Profit Penalty = The approximate cost or difference between the “As Is” value and “Max Profit Value”



The “5 Steps to Max Profit” Process:

1.  Get the FACTS about who will ultimately be deciding on the sale price of your property; The Buyers, The Appraisers, The Home Inspector and The Bank.


2.  Get the VALUE of your home by doing hours of your own research or letting us do it for free.


3.  PREPARE your property for the highest sale price possible by following three simple steps we provide for you.


4.  SELL for the Maximum Price possible!


5.  Your PROFIT is not just what you sell for but what you keep!  Know how to MAXIMIZE both your Sale Price AND Profit.  Follow the steps to minimize repairs, closing costs, commissions, taxes, etc. and VERY IMPORTANT, complete disclosure paperwork correctly to protect you, avoid lawsuit or buyer attempting to later shake you down for money. 






We created this website and social media outreach for you to gain perspective so you can avoid the pain many suffered during the 2006-2010 market crash though our updates, services we provide and the proven Action Plans.


Look through our comprehensive website to see who we are, see what we do and check our proven track record to affirm your decision on what is best for you and your circumstances.  You will find very detailed information about how to Maximize the Value of your property now and Maximize your Net Profit when you decide to Sell Your Home or Investment Properties. 


So utilize the free information and valuation services with no obligation or start a VIP Evaluation right now if you are serious about earning a Maximum Profit.




What you earn with Max Profit:


Maximum Sale Price
Maximum Protection
Maximum Profit


And with Minimum Hassle, Minimum Paperwork and Minimum of Your Time!


Do your own research, determine your goals, set your timeline and see how our strategies can work for you to accomplish what you want.


If you are not ready for a consultation or evaluation now that is fine... but sign up with us at Facebook and Twitter to get reminders when the market seems to be reaching the TOP.


We welcome feedback and information requests so we may ‘improve our game’ or share information with others so Contact Us and let us know how we we are doing and how we may further assist you.


Thank You,


Maximum Profit Real Estate Group